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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flasher and camera

Flasher and Camera

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Takasaki 3D Eyes

Takasaki 3 D Eyes

Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 Indiana Walleye Ice Derby


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spoonin them eyes - by saugeye-nut

I have been asked a bunch of times how I spoon and what to use to spoon. So I figured now was the time to pick up the "pen" and help out my fellow anglers. Doug or Rusty you could sticky this so it stays fresh for members, soon to be members and future members to reference. And I want to say sorry for all the misspelling. If there is still questions feel free to pm me or just post a question. And I hope this helps enlightens and help put more fish in your boat. I also want to say that there is more than one way to spoon and this is how I spoon.

Spoons are a very effective way to catch just about everything that swims. That beening said as in every type of fishing confindence and just good old fashioned practice will payoff. People always ask how can you jerk spoons all day? Let me tell you
YOUR ARMS ARE GOING TO HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like doing a new exercise for the first time. After doing it for awile you will get used to it, but you still are sore after a long weekend of fishing. I believe it took me about a year of spooning it get good at it and have the confindence in spoons. 

With that being said lets talk spoons. I love hopkins shortys 1/4 and 1/2 ounce spoons in gold and silver. Hopkins make these spoons in smoothies and hammered finishes. I use both. Northland makes buckshot rattle spoons that have great action and are effective for all fish. I use to use them all the time until they started producing junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The spoons being made now fall apart shortly after the first use. I found a new color buckshot so i bought three. The first cast a rattle fell right off of one. The next spoon the glow back just chipped off in about a hour of use letting rattle fall off. For me using spoons as much as i do you can't afford to keep using them. 

Moving right along to rods, reels, line, and terminal tackle. This is probably the most important part of spooning. This is all about feel and what your comfortable with. I use a medium to medium light spinning rod 6'6" to 7' in length. I believe my partner dan uses a 6'6" rod and I use a 7'. Now on to line first i put a backer of 10# mono on my spiining reel first, next 6# fireline or spiderwire superline. Either work great. I then tie a bearing swivel to the superline. "BEARING SWIVEL" not a junk barrel swivel. I use a #1 size with WELDED RINGS. Next is fluorocarbon line you can use 15# or 17# test. both work well. Next is a duolock snap. The length of fluorocarbon should be about 1 foot to 2 foot long. The fluorocarbon helps with the prevention of catching the line with the hook and give some line stretch for action and pervents ripping to hook out of the mouth of the fish.

Now to put spooning to action. I cast out and let the spoon hit bottom. Reel up the slack, and give a jerk to move the spoon up. When the spoon is falling reel up the slack, but don't pull to tight to effect the fall of the spoon. The fish usually hit on the fall so watch your line for signs for a hit. If you miss the signs sometime they hold onto the spoon long enough for you to set the hook on the next jerk. Do this all the way to the boat. As you get closer the boat you won't have to reel in as much slack line. When you get next to the boat always vertical jig a couple of time. Sometimes the fish will follow the spoon in and hit as you jig it by the boat. As i said this takes time to learn the feel and get confedance, but it will come give it a chance it will pay off in spades.

I hope this helps everyone out. Thanks for all the questions all have asked in the past. As i said before pm me if you have questions.

spoonin them eyes 
by saugeye-nut

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fantastic Fall!

Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs
Check out the featured fall events listed below. Details are available for each of these events online at www.interpretiveservices.IN.gov. See the listings for your favorite property for even more opportunities to play in the outdoors this autumn

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fishing the Fort

Here is a video on fishing in Fort Wayne on the St Joseph river.

Gaston Tournament

The Gaston Memorial Tournament is an annual fishing tournament held at the Brookville Reservoir located in eastern Indiana. It is a nonprofit event to help raise money for the Richard T. Gaston Memorial Scholarship Fund. Find out more about the program


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